studying: scratch game

After 25 hours hard work my first homework project is finally done – a memory game, which you could play here.

CS50 scratch

This is the cute source code. The Scratch programming language was developed by MIT for teaching programming to children, hence the colourful blocks structure.


cooking: tiramisu


I don’t really like cakes but I adore tiramisu and Ronan does too, so that’s what he got for his birthday this year. The recipe, very authentically, came from my long-lost Italian friend, Elena.

presentPresents for the birthday boy

cooking: steaks with pasta and pesto

Steaks 2This simple dinner is an invention of Ronan and is our favourite weekend treat. It takes exactly 20 min to make, or should I say wait, as there really isn’t much for you to do.

Here is how to make it:
1. Barbecue fillet steaks (5 min on each side) with plenty of salt and pepper.
2. Boil pasta for two people and once al dente mix in 100g of pesto. Add salt.

The secret for success is to go for the best ingredients you could find – we buy our steaks from Aldi and the pesto is from Fallon & Byrne.

Steaks 4Like a truly dedicated blogger I dug the package out of the bin to take a photo!

studying: introduction to computer science

This week I finally enrolled in the Harvard edx course and curiously the videos are recordings of the actual on-campus lectures. I was instantly intrigued – what an exciting opportunity to see how a Harvard student might actually look like. Ready?!

CS 50 2

Yup, those are shorts and flip-flops!
The lectures themselves were nothing short of spectacular!
There was singing…

CS 50 1


CS 50

… and a lot of pacing, physical abuse of real world objects and finally cake! (for the real Harvard students, not me).

knitting: audio books

When knitting I like to listen to audio books. So this week, while making my new bag, I ‘read’ J.K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy and I thought it was really good!

The Casual VacancyIn style, the book is an unusual mix of comedy and tragedy, which I really liked and the story is told in such vivid detail that most of the time it felt as if I was watching a tv drama*.

The book is about life in a small English town, which I thought J.K. Rowling captures very skillfully through the eyes and thoughts of no less than 20 main characters, all of whom are beautifully crafted and believable and, in my opinion, are the strongest attribute of this book and what makes it such an enjoyable read, as in actuality the book deals with seriously unpleasant issues like domestic abuse, self harm, rape, poverty.

This is what Time magazine said about it: “It’s a big, ambitious, brilliant, profane, funny, deeply upsetting and magnificently eloquent novel of contemporary England, rich with literary intelligence and entirely bereft of bullshit.”

Here is an inspiring speech by J.K. Rowling about failure. Apparently, she was on the dole just 5 years before becoming a published writer and a millionaire.

* BBC is already making a drama adaptation! Yey!!!